About Us


We are often asked how long we have been at our present location and how many years we have been formed. Those asking are amazed when we tell them the original Society was formed just after WW2 (around 1945/7) while the track itself was first built during the early 1970's, with members coming from all walks of life and all age groups.

The present day will find a broad cross section of locomotive types, some steam powered and others either electric or even propane fired. The latter of course is in reality another form of heating to produce steam power. Passenger rides are given frequently during summer months, namely in the afternoon of the FOURTH SUNDAY in each month. The exception to this is that Easter Sunday is always our first day for running and this always falls on a Sunday other than a Fourth Sunday. All passenger dates are shown elsewhere on this web site.

We can run any locomotive/s from five inch..three and a half.. two and a half inch gauge/s on our track. This comprises alloy section rail on hardwood sleepers on a raised elevation. The track measures almost 1000 feet in length and has access to steaming bays and a turntable. A fleet of six purpose built passenger cars are used on passenger days while members can use their own driving cars behind their own locomotives.